From the initial concept
to post-sales


Competence in applications for medium-sized tractors, experience in the management of co-design projects, assurance in the technological evolution of agricultural drives, a modern and well organized manufacturing facility, a team motivated to make improvements and provide services: these are only a few of the factors that make Agritalia the ideal outsourcing solution for all OEMs.

From the start of the partnership with Renault Agriculture, in the 1980s, through the production for Case and Deutz, at the turn of the millenium, up to the current partnerships with Claas, John Deere and Massey Ferguson: Agritalia today is one of the leading manufacturers of specialist machines for Orchards and Vineyards.


For John Deere, the historical US company - founded in 1837 - today among the global giants in the design and production of agricultural machines, Carraro Agritalia develops in co-design and produces the 5G series.

John Deere

AGCO, one of the most important global producers and distributors of agricultural machines, is a consolidated partner of Agritalia, in particular for the Massey Ferguson brand. Today the MF 3600 and MF 3600 VSF models are made in Rovigo.


With CLAAS, another top level global player in the production and sale of agricultural machines, Carraro Agritalia has a consolidated relationship which is expressed today in the Elios and Nexos.


Carraro Agritalia design and manufactures also the line of special tractors with the historical brand "Carraro 3 cavallini", which is nowadays presented with the Agricube range, with a highly innovative project, renewed both in design and technologies.


for all OEMs looking for an unbiased, reliable partner to whom they can commission the design and/or production of tractor models featuring low average volumes, high fragmentation and difficulty of inclusion in their production context.

The service supplied by Agritalia accompanies the OEM partner throughout the tractor’s lifecycle, taking form in three stages:

  • development / validation
  • production / order management
  • after-sales service / product improvement / spare parts support

Distinctive elements

Lean production process suitable to fragmented volumes

  • Focus on quality

Product development process in line with best practices

  • Co-design skills
  • Culture of continuous improvement
  • Adaptable methods and processes specific to each customer
  • Confidentiality
  • Relations with the OEM orientated towards a long-term partnership

In the Rovigo headquarters, a close-knit team of young and expert, Italian and foreign engineers have worked for years in close contact with the teams of prestigious manufacturers (today Renault, Deere, Massey Ferguson, in the past also Case and Deutz), with a view to exchanging knowledge, methods and solutions – a practice that has always led to a successful and continued renewal of partnerships.

Engineering is organised by matrix: on the one hand, the product platforms, to maintain the focus on the individual product and the unique interface with the customer, on the other, the centres of competence, transversally responsible for the sub-systems making up the vehicle.

The organisation is completed by two staff teams (Cost Management and Project Management) and the prototyping and testing department.

Chassis / Powertrain technology

For decades now, Agritalia has been successfully applying the experience in the development and production of axles and transmissions of its sister company Carraro Drivetech, world leaders in transmission systems for the Agricultural and Construction Equipment markets, developing powertrains in cooperation with motorists of the calibre of Deere Power Systems, Fiat Powertrain (IVECO), Deutz, SISU Diesel and Perkins.

Carraro transmissions provide a wide range of solutions, from all-mechanical basic versions to the most evolved Powershuttles and CVTs equipped with electrical-hydraulic PTO.

This availability of a wide range of axles allows for the construction of different track tractors: open field, compact, orchard and vineyard, lowered and High Crop, two or four wheel drive.

Options such as oil bath brakes or suspended axles are available to order. Turning circles are designed to be amongst the sector's best.

During the development phase, Agritalia develops the motor – transmission interface in compliance with the compatibility of the respective specifications, carefully studying cooling system performance.

Electric / Electronics parts

A specific centre of competence for the development of the electric/electronic part of the vehicle develops personalised solutions in co-design with major parts constructors.

Body and trim

Agritalia is highly skilled in providing OEM customer consulting. The OEM customer is offered complete solutions in terms of aesthetics, ergonomics, hood, ergonomic layout, cabin interior. The service is enhanced by collaboration with the most important tractor manufacturer stylists.


Agritalia is able to apply its vast know-how in tractor hydraulic parts with the ability to design, analyse, quickly prototype and industrialise hydraulic components. The design of the hydraulic system configuration is carried out according to customer requirements, developing it completely with three-dimensional CAD, in such a way that the ideal solution is achieved immediately and without any problem.

Calculations and simulations

  • Structural calculations (PRO-Mechanica, Nastran, MARC)
  • Cinematic simulation (PRO-Mechanism, Romax, ADAMS)
  • Hydraulic and Dynamic simulations (AMESim, Easy5, Matlab Simulink)
  • Model/Software/Hardware in the loop (dSPACE, LabVIEW, Vector)


Workshop with space and personnel devoted to each single project

Network of suppliers specialized in fast prototyping

Skilled personnel

Careful management of inventories and quality control


The test schedule for a vehicle includes verification and validation tests. The former are carried out in the first development stage and aim to assess and optimize the operations of the various units.

The validation tests are conducted in the advanced stages of development and are designed to check that all the vehicle specifications have been applied. In turn the tests may be subdivided into laboratory and tests in the field.


  • Engine test bench, anechoic chamber
  • Benches for screening tests: e.g. hydraulic benches, pneumatic benches
  • Reliability prediction methods
  • Complete field test protocols
  • Coordination of execution of field tests
  • OECD tests
  • ROPS and FOPS tests
  • Bump track tests


An expert and dedicated team capable of independently following approval test procedures for the entire vehicle in accordance with current laws.


The experience gained over the years, the continuous benchmarking with sector leaders and the collaboration with suppliers, have allowed Agritalia to set up and manage a rational, market-oriented industrialisation process.

The modern tools featuring in the automotive world (such as PFMEA, Work Flow Analysis, etc.) underlie a process that guarantees the quality and reliability of a management process structured with the flexibility and time-to-market required by the market.


Dynamic and modern, production is the synthesis of what modern management techniques are today able to offer. The blend of lean manufacturing with the complexities typical of the production of a tractor, has led to obtaining a production process that stands out for its flexibility and short lead times.

Centre of competence blending the latest management software with the know-how of the resources operating according to the Japanese logic of lean management, Agritalia is a dynamic, proactive point of reference ready to manage any product type.

The Technical Assistance and Service structure works closely with the designers and with the customer’s own Technical Assistance structures.

When existing product ranges are renewed, the database of issues and on-field product behaviour can be used to help define the project requirements.

During the development stage, the Service department prepares the technical documents (manuals, spare parts catalogues, diagrams, reparation time reference document), supporting the OEM. Specific branch training sessions are then organised. Special attention is paid to the months immediately following the launch of a new product, to identify problems early on.

Service meetings held with the customers’ Technical Assistance structures are organised regularly, without delay, to examine any issues raised by the network, to organise product improvement according to objective, shared priorities, and to deal with issues quickly. The introduction of any changes to production is notified by specific Service Bulletins.

Collaboration begins during tractor development, with the preparation of spare parts catalogues, the generation of retail price lists and the identification of parts to be stocked. In this way, the OEM has time to organise before product launch, allowing for correct spare parts stocked in depots and with their distribution network. A dealer’s need for a spare part enables a synchronised process that even goes as far as to manage urgent delivery requests with a service level of close to 100%.