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Agritalia is the Carraro Group Business Unit specialized in the design and production of special tractors – for vineyards, orchards and standard – for the leading global manufacturers of agricultural machines.

The continual search for original design solutions and technical and manufacturing skills among the most advanced in the industry have enabled Agritalia to obtain numerous awards for the development of innovative products and the high quality reached.

Agritalia has always talked to its customers, listened to them and interpreted their most concrete and real needs. It has thus been able to anticipate the market trend and has established itself as the unquestionable leader in the range of tractors of between 60 and 100 horsepower.

The Agritalia headquarters is in Rovigo, in the heart of a territory with a very strong agricultural vocation and a great manufacturing tradition.

The Company

Leader in the design and manufacture of specialized and light tractors

Born from a rib of the historical Carraro Group, Agritalia has accumulated over time considerable ...


Competence in applications for medium-sized tractors, experience in the management of co-design projects, assurance in ...

Engineering Services

Agritalia's consolidated know-how in the design, validation, prototyping, and industrial production of tractors interprets the ...