Engineering Services

From advice
to turnkey projects

Engineering Services

Thanks to its consolidated skills in the design and manufacture of tractors Agritalia can provide a wide range of engineering services, from simple advice to "turnkey" projects, to tractor manufacturers who are looking for solutions to minimize their time to market.

The technology transfer can occur at single points in time, through the delivery of project deliverables, but also step-by-step with Agritalia engineers accompanying the seconded personnel (following a tutorship model) and/or with training of personnel in loco during the most critical stages.

This is possible thanks to an engineering platform which sees the team of 40 engineers at Carraro Technologies India R&D centre in Pune working in close contact with the Rovigo headquarters.

Styling philosophy

  • Brand positioning
  • Market and application review
  • Competitors analysis

Preliminary style

  • 3D mockup
  • style sketches

Final style proposal

  • style sketches
  • renderings

Cas 3D

  • surface modelling (C/B class)
  • Scale 1:5 mockup

Style feasability

  • Bodywork part composition
  • Manufacturing process analysis
  • Ergonomics analysis with physical mockup tests

Cas 3D

  • Surface modelling (A class)

Technical feasability

  • Interference analysis
  • Kinematic analysis

Final mockup

  • scale 1:1 mockup build

Thanks to its own consolidated skills Agritalia can offer a wide range of solutions: from engineering services, to the design and creation of modules, to the supply of a complete tractor or an entire range.

Tractor Design

This ensures a significant reduction in time to market whilst simultaneously acquiring the skills necessary to be fully independent.

Each project, based on solid knowledge of the Carraro drivetrain, can be altogether new or can be adapted - with the appropriate changes - from a design already developed by Agritalia.

A typical project includes delivery of:

  • Part drawings
  • An agreed number of prototypes validated or to be validated in cooperation
  • List and drawings of production equipment for manufacturing by local suppliers
  • Assembly cycles

Agritalia is capable of creating and supplying not only complete vehicles but also modules or single parts of a tractor that can be part of an overall project to complete an existing range, with solutions that include:

  • Assembly of complete powertrains

  • Study and creation of complete and tested cabins

  • Study and design of hoods

  • Study and installation of engines complete with cooling systems and air-to-boil and hot spot tests

Research projects for style innovation. Production of prototype tractors or tractor parts. Network of dedicated fast prototyping suppliers. Agritalia can provide a "styling" service among the best in class, developing a specific design tailored to the key brand requirements of the customer. The service is rendered by high quality sketches and eventually in physical prototypes.

Prototyping activities are made possible by:

  • Adequate workshop space, with personnel devoted to each project
  • Network of suppliers specialized in fast prototyping
  • Skilled personnel
  • Careful management of inventories and quality control of the prototype material

The test schedule for a vehicle includes verification and validation tests. The former are carried out in the first development stage and aim to assess and optimize the operations of the various units.

The validation tests are conducted in the advanced stages of development and are designed to check that all the vehicle specifications have been applied. In turn the tests may be divided into laboratory and field tests.


  • Engine test bench, anechoic chamber
  • Benches for screening tests: i.e. hydraulic benches, pneumatic benches
  • Reliability prediction methods
  • Complete field test protocols
  • Coordination of execution of field tests
  • OECD tests
  • ROPS and FOPS tests
  • Bump track tests

Approval tests

An expert and dedicated team capable of independently following approval test procedures for the entire vehicle in accordance with current laws.

Over time Agritalia has developed several ranges of tractors for which it holds all the intellectual property rights, designs, equipment, assembly cycles and know-how, and is willing to grant:

  • in loco assembly licences for distribution on local markets with the customer's brand.
  • exclusive distribution licences on local markets for tractors with the Carraro brand or the customer's own brand.

Localization support packages

In the case of production in loco Agritalia assists customers during the transition period necessary for complete localization; this includes:

  • a temporary supply of loose or semi-assembled parts (CKD) where localization is not immediately possible
  • potential assessment for the development of local suppliers
  • training and assistance for the development of suppliers
  • support for the launch of production in loco

Agritalia has the skills to provide suggestions, assess design solutions for specific parts or subsystems, manage tests, indicate names of suppliers, validate protocols and so on. The advice is quoted case by case according to the complexity and the experience required of the designer.

Design of production facilities

Thanks to the long industrial experience of the Carraro Group at a global level, Agritalia can design and implement - with the help of engineering partners - a complete project for "turnkey" production facilities agreeing with the customer the level of vertical integration (make or buy) depending on the characteristics of the local market and more appropriate dimensions of development, optimizing the layout.