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John Deere, Claas and Acgo: the most important global manufacturers of agricultural tractors are Agritalia's main customers.

With each of them Agritalia has established a close relationship of collaboration and co-design – including through dedicated intercompany teams – to develop innovative technological and design solutions.

Personalization of the product, continual innovation, total quality: these are the three key factors in success based on dedication to customers and to their complete satisfaction, through continual improvement of products and procedures.

Agritalia is also "its own customer": in fact, it doesn't only make special tractors for third parties, but also, with the Agricube range, continues to produce tractors marked with the unmistakable Carraro three-horse trademark.

Escorts India as customer for engineering services.

Basak Tractors Turkey: collaboration for tractors production.

The Company

Leader in the design and manufacture of specialized and light tractors

Born from a rib of the historical Carraro Group, Agritalia has accumulated over time considerable ...


Competence in applications for medium-sized tractors, experience in the management of co-design projects, assurance in ...

Engineering Services

Agritalia's consolidated know-how in the design, validation, prototyping, and industrial production of tractors interprets the ...