The Company

Quality, Safety, Health & Environment Policy

Carraro AGRITALIA wants to be recognized as the best source of development and production of specialized and light tractors and wants to offer its Customers winning solutions in terms of Quality, Safety, Environment, Technological Innovation and Cost.


  • Customer satisfaction and attention to the expectations of stakeholders
  • Guarantee the continuity of the business from the economic and financial point of view
  • A safe and healthy working place and the prevention of injuries, accidents and illnesses
  • Environmental protection and the pollution prevention
  • Continuous improvement
  • Compliance to applicable requirements including mandatory and those freely signed by the organization

Goals you can achieve through a business management based on process approach and on risk based thinking (risk and opportunity) following ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and BS OHSAS 18001:2007 standards.

Quality, Occupational Safety and Health and protection of the Environment are an integral part of our Values and Principles.

The key success factors of Carraro Agritalia are:

  • Customers satisfaction through product’s Quality, innovation, and speed and effectiveness in new product’s development.
  • Shareholder satisfaction through consistent growth and increased profitability.
  • Development of human resources through the development of talent, a modern organization, the minimization of accidents and the continuous improvement of the working environment.
  • Involvement of employees and their representatives, through information, training and communications, to be responsible for the compliance with rules and regulations concerning the protection of worker’s health and safety and the protection of environment. To actively and consciously contribute to the achievement of customer and stakeholders satisfaction and to the effectiveness of the Management Systems.
  • Partnership with providers also through the reduction of complexity, the standardization of components characteristics, the introduction of a streamlined flow, the support for performance improvement and the sharing of our and our customers' needs and expectations.
  • The collaboration with external bodies (e.g. public administration, providers etc.), through communication and exchange of information to ensure quality, environmental protection, health and safety in the workplace.
  • Compliance with requirements applicable to the company and to the product, legal and other underwritten by the company, through continuous risk assessment about worker safety, environmental protection and quality of system, products and processes.
  • Continuous improvement of management Systems to achieve process excellence through the identification and application of best practices techniques for effectiveness and efficiency, through the collaboration ad benchmarking with the excellence of the market.
  • Improvement of Quality, Environmental and Safety performances through the analysis of not conformity and corrective actions management and through the optimization of the use of resources, energy and waste reduction and setting and reviewing indicators and goals where appropriate.
  • Decision making based on risk based thinking (risk and opportunity) applied to processes and products in order to achieve the planned goals in respect to the context and the needs and expectation of the relevant interested parties and their change over time.
  • Prevention and minimization of accidents, near misses, occupational diseases and environmental incidents through the analysis of each incident or dangerous event, sharing and use of collected data for a correct review of the risk assessment in order to avoid repetition.
  • Technological innovation in the development of products to achieve the planned goals (e.g technical, economical, about quality and reliability) and to reduce the environmental impact; the search for the best available and economically feasible technologies to be applied to the processes to reduce environmental impacts and risks for the health and safety of personnel and ensure technical advantages that have a positive effect on the quality of the product.
  • Consideration of issues related to quality, safety and environmental protection in the design and development of our systems, products and processes paying attention to the life cycle of products.
  • Communication. Internal as the understanding of the company's policy, objectives, values and procedures are fundamental for the involvement of staff and the promotion of awareness of how everyone can contribute to the effectiveness of the system. External with relevant stakeholders on topics of common interest such as quality and protection of the environment and health in the workplace in order to consider their needs and inform them about the process of continuous improvement and the results achieved.

The quality, environment and safety management system Carraro Agritalia is applied in synergy that contributes to the economic growth of the Carraro Group, the reliability of the product, the customer satisfaction and the attention to the needs of the interested parties, the protection of the external environment and the health and safety of workers.

This is possible thanks to the involvement of all levels of the company, the commitment of the people and adequate investment.

The Company

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